Wheel Woolies Boar’s Hair Round Detail Brushes (A5D and A7D)

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Wheel Woolie’s Boar’s Hair Round Detail Brushes (A5D and A7D) have a unique shape and material construction that allows you to clean where no other brushes can go, while providing for gentle agitation along the way. This design works great on both interior and exterior surfaces.

Wheel Woolie’s Boar’s Hair Round Detail Brushes are made with 100% premium double boiled boar hair, also known as hog bristle. These brushes are handmade, one at a time. Boar hair tufts are set in handles with deep undercuts, anchored with a waterproof epoxy adhesive. Boar hair is expensive, perhaps the most expensive car care brush material available. Unlike brushes with plastic fibers, boar hair is absorbent with ultrafine naturally tapered tips with split ends creating the perfect brush material for holding and delivering more cleaner to wheel and tire surfaces and fenders. Boar hair brushes work by “wicking” or lifting abrasive dirt from a car’s painted and polished surfaces. Unlike plastic fiber brushes, a boar hair brush will not create microscopic surface scratches.

Rinse and dry after use.

A5D: 9.75” overall length, 2.5” x 1” brush trim

A7D: 9.75” overall length, 2.5” x 1.25” brush trim

How to Clean Boar's Hair Brushes?

Detailing brushes made of Boar's hair should be rinsed well to remove dirt and acidic/caustic wheel and car cleaning solutions. Soap and water can be used to remove detergents and tire dressings. Boar hair brushes should be stored upright like a broom left in the corner.