Wheel Woolie Power Woolie 12X

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The Power Woolie is the ultimate polishing brush tool for the serious detailer, made with the same patented process as the original Wheel Woolie, with a ¼” hex steel rod and a new handle assembly with 4 Teflon bushings.  If you love the original Wheel Woolie, you won’t be able to wait to get your hands on this tool to speed up the wheel cleaning process. The speed control handle allows the user to direct the microfiber polishing brush exactly on the surface the user wants to clean and polish, even while spinning up to 2500 RPM.  Simply attach to your power drill and work the brush between spokes, allowing the soft micropile material to efficiently remove any contamination.

The Power Woolie 12X is made with synthetic fibers that are safe on all wheel finishes, and also features a metal-free exterior design to minimize the risk of damage to the car you’re working on.

Power Woolie measure 12" long, with a 3.5" brush diameter, and 5" long cleaning area. 

How to Clean Power Woolies

During use, rinse frequently with clear water to remove abrasive sand and brake residue. After use, allow Power Woolie to dry by hanging the microfiber over the edge of a pail. 

About Braun Brush Company

Since 1875, the Braun Brush Company has been making the most innovative and finest quality brush tools. To this day, the family-owned company still manufactures all their brushes in the U.S.A., including their patented metal-free brushes for automotive use.