Soft99 Mirror Shine Wax – Light Color

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Ultimate shine, with no buffing required! 

Conventional wax requires you to spread, dry, and buff. In other words, it takes a lot of time and effort!

This unique synthetic wax creates a mirror-like shine on your vehicle, with no need to cure or buff. Just apply with the included microfiber cloth, and you’ll have a gleaming finish that lasts for up to 3 months! You can even use Mirror Shine on plastic parts, such as bumpers and lamp covers. This product contains no polishing compound.

Use this version for light colored cars. 


How to apply Mirror Shine

Note: Apply to a washed and thoroughly dried car

1. Take a moderate amount of wax onto the included cloth, and apply it evenly to the body of the vehicle.

2. Simply wipe across the surface with even pressure to achieve a perfect finish. There is no need for curing or removal.