Soft99 King of Gloss Wax – Solid White

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The King of Gloss coats your vehicle with a thick layer of spectacularly glossy blend of mineral wax and synthetic resin. It is also easy to work with, and buffing off is a breeze. No smearing or unevenness! This special blend was created to enhance black and dark colored paints to their full eye-popping potential. This is the King of Gloss!

Use this version for white colored cars. 


How to apply King of Gloss

Note: Apply to a washed and thoroughly dried car. In hot conditions, work panel-by-panel to avoid over-curing. Curing time may be longer in cold conditions.

1. Take a moderate amount of wax onto the included sponge, and spread it evenly over the body of the vehicle.

2. After drying for between 5 and 15 minutes, buff off with a soft clean towel. Be sure to remove completely and promptly to avoid damaging the paintwork.