LiquiTech Finish First Polish (16 oz.)

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Finish First Polish is an easy to use, synthetic polish that cleans without scratching and protects all painted surfaces leaving a durable showroom quality shine in one easy step.

The high-performance polymer applies effortlessly to fill in the microscopic pores in the clear coat/painted surface. The polymer molecules are able to chemically bond to the surface, which provides your vehicle with a dynamic and durable barrier to resist tar, tree sap, acid rain, road salt, and other environmental contaminants. Unlike a wax, this performance characteristic allows Finish First Polish to remove light scratches and swirl marks while leaving a perfectly smooth surface and a brilliant mirror-like shine. Finish First Polish will not haze, crack, chip or peel. It is safe to use on painted surfaces; acrylic, enamel, metallic, clear coat, fiberglass, and any other hard, non-porous surface. After several applications of Finish First Polish, all it takes is a quick wash to remove even the most stubborn elements. This versatile polish can also be used within the home on stovetops, bathroom tile, mirrors, windows, and fixtures.

•  Contains no wax, silicone or Teflon
•  Formulated using recently developed synthetic polymer technology
•  Durable, weather resistant, polymer layer enhances gloss
•  Chemically bonds to surface to help fill in swirl marks
•  Provides protection for 6 to 9 months