Hydrosilex Recharge (32 oz.)

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The promise of the DIY Ceramic Spray is here! Instant hydrophobic effect upon contact. 

HydroSilex Recharge is a universal product that protects virtually any type of surface. The installation is extremely easy and once cured, it creates a transparent top layer that adds gloss and protects the substrate from the elements. HydroSilex Recharge can be used as a stand alone product or as a maintenance coating to revitalize other ceramic coating brands. You do not need to be certified or trained to apply HydroSilex; it's that simple to use!

How to apply HydroSilex Recharge

1. Spray an even mist onto a clean, dry surface. One small panel/section at a time.

2. Immediately buff with a clean microfiber towel in a waving motion

3. Follow up with a second light buff using another clean microfiber towel in a waving motion.

Hydrosilex Recharge is designed to be layered. It is recommended to allow 5-7 days between applying each layer. You can reapply however often you feel the need making sure you wait the 5-7 days between each application. 

Before the first application of Recharge, make sure to give your vehicle a good wash, and then apply Hydrosilex Rewind, which is a wax and grease remover. This will give your surface a clean slate and allow the ceramic coating of Hydrosilex Recharge to bond properly. 

Here is a 50/50 water bottle test we  ran after applying one layer of Recharge. Notice how after just one application, the water on the right falls right off the hood compared to the water on the left. 

Is HydroSilex Recharge worth it? 

The price tag may seem high at first glance, but we'll bet you think it's worth the cost once you give it a try. A 32 oz. bottle will yield about 8 to 12 applications on a mid-size car. The ease of application compared to similar performing products brings tremendous value to the weekend warrior or professional detailer looking for the shine and protection while cutting back on application time.