Hikari Polishing Compound

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Full set contains 1500, 2000, 2500 products. 

1500: Step 1 Heavy Cutting Compound

2000: Step 2 Medium Cutting Compound

2500: Step 3 Super Finish

This new compound series features large particles that harden into fine particles that fill deep scratches and gives the applied area a sheen. Can be used on fine mirrors without leaving buff marks. Oil does not expand, creating a well-defined area. New developments allow the product to be used before applying a ceramic/glass coating. Not made up of oil polymers, so it can be used before applying coatings. Use in combination with grease removal car shampoo to eliminate the need for other grease removal techniques. Professional compound with many features. Compound helps remove scratches and creates a sheen that does not disappear after the surface is washed or grease is removed.