Connolly Leather Cleaner

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The first step in caring for your leather interior is removing all traces of dirt, grease and grime that inevitably settles on the leather, no matter how meticulously it is kept. Concentrated Connolly Leather Cleaner is used in this first step. 


Connolly Leather Care Cleaner should be diluted as follows: 1 part cleaner to 12 parts water. 


First vacuum the area to be cleaned to remove any loose particles and lift dirt that has settled into the minute pores of the hide. Wrap up the cleaning process with Connolly Leather Cleaner. Super-concentrated for value and effectiveness, just one part cleaner to 12 parts water yields a perfectly balanced solution for achieving pristine leather. Immerse a soft cloth into the solution, wring it out well (you don’t want to over-wet your leather) and gently rub the Leather Cleaner in to the hide. (Always test an inconspicuous spot when using a new leather cleaner.) Remember that you can’t see all traces of dirt with the naked eye, so the best, or most thorough, method is treating the entire surface. Change the surface of the cloth frequently as it will pick up residue, just as it’s intended to. Repeat with a fresh, damp cloth to remove any remaining cleanser or dirt from the surface. Dry and polish with a soft cloth. Once the leather is completely dry, it’s ready for conditioning with Connolly Hide Care Cream