Hikari Sapphire Ceramic Coating

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Hikari Sapphire is an inorganic ceramic coating that gives a solid finish and mirror-like sheen with a long lasting water/grime repellent effect. This 7H ceramic coating lasts up to 5 years. 

– Hikari Sapphire liquid coating 30 ml
– Conditioner 60 ml
– Sponge x1
– Edgeless microfiber cloth x2
– Application instructions

Product Code: HS-S30

Made in Japan. 

When choosing your Hikari ceramic coating, please consider the attributes below to compare Diamond vs. Sapphire. For the ultimate in protection and shine, we recommend Hikari Pro, which is a double layered ceramic coating. 

For all Hikari ceramic coatings, we recommend using Hikari Conditioner every 3 or 4 months after a car wash.