Hikari Conditioner

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Hikari conditioner is made with a special fusion of electrified chemicals and is a completely new type of conditioner that has made the old monotonous process of applying coatings easier. The conditioner gives a brilliant sheen and long lasting protection from dirt and water. The conditioner uses a hybrid 3D construction with fine glass resin that creates a rich luster and provides protection, as well as special resin that creates beautiful water drops when repelling water.

Hikari conditioner can be used on the metal, plastic, and rubber surfaces.To apply, simply spray 2-3 times directly to the car body or plastic and then wipe away with the towel included. After a ceramic coating is applied, this conditioner is recommended to be used every 3 or 4 months following a car wash. 


Size: 200 ml

Premium fiber cloth included

UPC 4573245900030

Made in Japan.