Wheel Woolies 3 Piece Set

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Wheel Woolies are the safest, most effective way to clean wheels - and so much more. They come in a variety of sizes to fit anywhere you want to clean. Wheel Woolies are 100% metal free so there's no chance of the brush scratching or damaging your wheels finish.


3 sizes included included:

18” large Wheel Woolie – Great option for cleaning exhaust pipe

12” medium Wheel Woolie – Perfect size for cleaning between tire spokes

8” small Wheel Woolie – Excellent choice for cleaning tight areas like grills and narrow spoke wheels


Are Wheel Woolies Worth it?

The first thing most detailers notice about Wheel Woolies is their price compared to other brushes on the market, so they naturally ask themselves, are they worth it? To answer that questions we need to take a look at how the brush is made and how it performs. If you look closely at the Wheel Woolie Metal Free wheel brush, you will notice the micropile fibers are fused to a flexible rod handle. This means that they will not fail or come apart even under extreme daily use by a high volume professional detailer. This brush making process is patented, using no adhesives. The Wheel Woolie micropile is absorbent, delivering more wheel cleaner when compared to brushes made with different materials. Additionally, this design has the added benefit of reducing splatter, keeping the wheel cleaner chemicals working on the wheels instead of in the user’s face.


How to clean Wheel Woolies?

During use, rinse frequently with clear water to remove abrasive sand and brake residue. After use, allow Wheel Woolies to dry by hanging the microfiber over the edge of a pail. 


About Braun Brush Company

Since 1875, the Braun Brush Company has been making the most innovative and finest quality brush tools. To this day, the family-owned company still manufactures all their brushes in the U.S.A., including their patented metal-free brushes for automotive use.